Cost of Living

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Without a doubt, one of Turkey’s most attractive features is the low cost of living. Many buyers are now eager to escape the rapidly escalating exchange-rate between the GBP and the euro. The average salary here is significantly lower than that of the UK, Spain and France. Accordingly, the prices of daily items are lower. As you will soon discover, Turkey is unrivalled in quality and value for its produce, particularly fruit and vegetables, due to its history of agricultural expertise.

The few items that you may find as expensive as at home could include mobile phones, petrol and internet services. Please bear in mind that Cumberland Properties offers free Wi-Fi internet to all of our residents and renters and that the majority of tourists in Bodrum happily rely on public transport.

A meal out in Turkey is remarkably reasonable, to the extent that it can often be as cheap as home-cooking. Scout the local restaurants for the best deals, as authentic Turkish cuisine is not only the cheapest, it is also the best. The same applies to liquor and beer. Turkey produces a vast array of alcohol. You will find yourself spending two-thirds less than you would do elsewhere.

A weekly shop for two at the supermarket will cost no more than £50-£60. This is foodstuff at its most expensive, but the price can be downgraded significantly by opting for local butchers and markets.

It is essential to take taxes into consideration. Property tax is between 0.1-0.3% of the declared value of a property per annum, and there is an additional environmental tax, which equates to roughly £100 per annum. Other potential taxes will be on any earnings made during residence in Turkey.


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