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Healthcare in Turkey

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The standard and availability of healthcare in Turkey varies from region to region, most large towns and all major cities having a variety of state and private healthcare facilities.

In the largest cities and resorts in Turkey such as Istanbul, Izmir or Bodrum there are also English and German speaking clinics and because even private healthcare in Turkey is so affordable, Turkey is developing a new mini-economic sector on the back of medical tourism.

Anyone planning on moving to Turkey permanently should seriously consider taking out expatriate medical insurance such as that offered by Bupa, Axa and other insurance firms. As a foreign citizen you would have to pay for even emergency care at a state run hospital. 

State run hospitals often suffer from overcrowding and a lack of funding meaning that care is basic and facilities can be limited. In an emergency you will be looked after, but if you are going in for anything else you will be far more comfortable in a private clinic or hospital. State run hospitals also do not have the levels of nursing care that you may be used to in the UK. Families are expected to take on much of the auxiliary work such as changing bedding and providing emotional care and support for the patient.

High-standard private health-care is available at reasonable cost with similar levels of care to private hospitals in the UK. Universal Hospital Bodrum, run by the Universal Hospitals Group, has some of the best facilities available in the country, providing peace of mind for those that are here either to live or on holiday.

Remember that all health insurance schemes have exemptions and limits, check with an adviser from your insurance company about what you will be covered for in Turkey before taking out a specific policy. You need to be sure you will be well looked after in the event of an emergency, that you can be repatriated should the need arise, that any specific ailments or illnesses you are concerned about are covered and that you will not have to pay a massive excess if you do need to see a doctor, dentist or specialist medical practitioner.

Turkey also has a developing medical tourism industry with demand for care from those requiring relatively straightforward procedures as well as those seeking fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery or operations with significant waiting lists in the UK. 

If you do fall ill in Turkey there are places where you could be waiting a long time for an ambulance as they are in short supply. Sometimes the quickest way to get treatment is to have someone drive you or to take a taxi especially in less developed areas, in Bodrum this tends to not be a problem.  The telephone number for emergencies is 112.

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