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Services, Utilities and Communications in Turkey

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It is important to get your new home in Turkey well-connected to the water, electricity and other service providers. If you are purchasing re-sale property, most of the services will be connected. However, if you need to arrange the utilities yourself, it is essential that you are in possession of your ??kan (habitation certificate). When buying a property from Cumberland Properties you can rest assured that we will have sorted this out for you already. If there are any additional services that you may require, simply contact our After-Sales team.


The tap water in Turkey is chlorinated. It is perfectly safe to use it to brush teeth, but it is not recommended for drinking. There is plenty of cheap bottled water, available from shops or from a local water supplier who will delivery it in large reusable containers. Mains water is metered and bills are issued on a monthly or quarterly basis. They can usually be paid in person straight to the company or at some banks. Failure to pay in time will result in a penalty and prolonged delay will eventually lead to a suspension of your supply. If you are living on a Cumberland Properties development we cover the cost of the site water bill and charge you quarterly for your individual usage as each home is metered. During the summer there is a huge demand for water as there is so little rainfall. The Bodrum peninsula is particularly dry and you will frequently see tanker trucks delivering large quantities of water.


The majority of electricity in Turkey is supplied by the state-run company TEDA?; the supply is 220 volts and uses two-pin plugs like those in Europe. Adapters can be safely used for UK appliances. As a Cumberland Properties resident, we will cover the cost of the site electricity bill and charge you quarterly for your individual usage.

Natural Gas

Apart from in the largest cities like Istanbul and Ankara, most natural gas for cooking and heating water comes from metal canisters. You can order these from a local supplier and have them delivered to your door. If you are a Cumberland Properties customer you can contact our After-Sales team, who will be able to sort this out for you.


The Turkish phone network is run by Türk Telekom. To obtain a telephone line you will need to apply at your local Türk Telecom office. They require a proof of address, your passport and your bank details. Bills are issued monthly and can be paid directly from your bank account by direct debit. As international calls are always expensive, it is recommendable to make international calls using a public phone card or an internet phone program like Skype. Again if you require assistance, the Cumberland Properties After-Sales team can aid you in connecting a phone line to your Turkish property.


Whether you require internet banking, e-shopping or entertainment, there are plenty of internet cafes and wireless hotspots located in every town and city. For the home, Türk Telekom (TTNet) provides both dial-up and ADSL connections. The lines have capacities up to 4Mb but can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, there are a few new providers who have recently emerged, offering speeds of up to 10Mb for just 50TL (approximately £22). However, if you are living on a Cumberland Properties development all our sites come with free wireless internet.


There are plenty of television stations broadcasting in Turkey and a few of the state run TRT channels do show a few English programs. If you are after a wider selection then you will have to purchase cable or satellite TV. Cable is provided by Türk Telekom while both Digiturk and D-Smart offer satellite. Depending on the service and package you choose, the following English-speaking channels are available:

  • BBC Prime
  • BBC World
  • e2
  • CNBC-e
  • CNN
  • National Geographic
  • Eurosport
  • MGM

If you upgrade to Digiturk’s “Max” packages, then you will access a wide range of films and other programs. There are numerous sports channels, such as NTV Spor, which shows English FA Cup and other European games, and Digiturk’s SporMAX shows English Premier League matches every weekend. It is possible to pick up SKY TV however you will need an expensive dish over 2.5m in diameter not really practical for home usage although it is available in plenty of bars. All Cumberland Properties developments come with central satellite showing major European channels; if you need more information please contact the After Sales team.

Postal Service

The Turkish postal service or PTT delivers all the mail and operates the post offices. The service is quite slow, domestic mail takes around 4-5 days and letters sent back to the UK take at least 1 to 2 weeks. For urgent letters or packages abroad it is advised to use an international courier like DHL or UPS. For domestic deliveries Aras Kargo and other carriers provide nationwide next day services.

Note; if you are having a package sent to you from the UK keep a track of it, depending on the contents of the parcel you may have to pay a small import duty at your local post office before delivery.
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