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Top [quality] soil dressing is laid, prior to seeding, on the east side of the C blocks at Woodland Regency. The view is due south. 

A rare glimpse of the kilometres & kilometres of piping discretely concealed underground at Woodland Regency. All the electrical, Internet, satellite, water, irrigation & drainage systems are complete. 

The perimeter security wall is now complete. Foreground – sand dressing laid prior to seeding. The view is due west. 

Sand dressing in front of villa B 8 looking due south. The more observant amongst you will of course be able to deduce the time is 11:43 hours.  

Sand dressing in front of villa B 5 looking east.

Fine topsoil dressing is laid throughout the complex. The view is due north from villa C 6 through the centre of Woodland Regency Bodrum

The C blocks east & west respectively before the addition of topsoil dressing & glazing & on completion. 

Looking northwest out over Cumberland Properties popular water feature at Woodland Regency

The view over the long & winding road to the freshly painted C blocks.

The whole of Woodland Regency now sports a smart undercoat of paint. Installation of glazing is in its final stages. The view is due west.  

Landscape feature at the foot of the upper pool, one of three available at Woodland Regency Konacik, looking due north toward the A blocks. 

The view southwest over villa B1 & the C blocks on the west side of the complex. 

The upper pool landscape feature [featuring a couple of likely lads] & the north elevation of the A blocks in the process of receiving travertine treads to adorn their staircases. Finally - best plant those in a row then. 

Completed planting at the north end of Woodland Regency looking south. 

Completed planting between A5 luxury apartments & villa B1 looking due east over the upper pool.

A5. 3’s smart pergola continues to attract attention. 

A selection of images from around Cumberland Properties Woodland Regency development, depicting the recent landscaping, painting & installation of glazing & doors to the apartments & villas in Bodrum.  

Looking west from the entrance to Woodland Regency at villa B 5 that now boasts a smart raised lawn to its east.

Turn around & the view east as you leave Cumberland Properties Woodland Regency past the recently completed & now fully operational security building. 

Alternatively, the way through the woods. 

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