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Sports celebrities in Bodrum

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Australian Tim Cahill, midfielder for the English premier league team Everton, recently bought land where he has had built an elite villa in Bodrum. He said of his villa & Bodrum, “It’s a very good property investment in Turkey, holiday home & a great place to play golf.”

Tim said, “Being a footballer you don’t always know when you’re going to be able to get away, this is ideal.” 

Tim emphasised that the best option was Turkey & Bodrum, “It’s five minutes from Bodrum airport, so I can take in some sun, play a bit of golf & fly my family over from Australia for a holiday to.”

Tim explained some of the reasons for choosing Turkey; beautiful geographical location, fantastic climate – weather & beaches, good food & a great tourist industry which is booming; “It is not to far either from Galatasaray who my mate Harry Kewell plays for so I will be able to go & watch him.”

He added “I have travelled all over the world & Turkey has got to be one of the most beautiful place I have been, there are not only places like Bodrum, but Istanbul to, with so much to see; it is a great place to have a holiday home.”

Tim paid around 200,000 GBP for his property but there are many apartments & villas in Bodrum. Tim added that his Turkish villa is big & light & the living area is “summer living” to include all the comforts, which suits him being an Australian.

Tim who is interested in real estate added that it was not just about money & investment; he wanted to enjoy the luxury lifestyle as well.

Tim is in good company as Andy Johnson, striker for English premier league team Fulham, also has property in Bodrum.

If football’s not your thing & although he might be retired from boxing, Ricky ‘the hitman’ Hatton could still knock you over with his sheer enthusiasm for his latest property venture.

“I bought a villa off-plan near Bodrum in Turkey two years ago & now I want to build a training camp there as well”, says the 31-year-old former world champion.

“I’m building a stable of about 25 fighters & the place will be ideal for them. It’s hilly, which will be great for their road work, the heat will help them acclimatise for fights abroad, & the golf makes it an ideal place to chill after a fight.”

If this all reads like the familiar story of the retired fighter rushing to spend his hard-won fortune then think again — Hatton is no fool with his money.

Managed by his father, Ray, he has his own leisurewear range & is now moving into the management & promotion side of boxing — hence his plans for the training camp in Bodrum

He has been typically canny with his property dealings. The four-bedroom, two-bathroom villa in Bodrum comes with its own swimming pool & cost just 159,000 GBP.

Up until recently Hatton lived in a modest semi-detached house in Hyde, Manchester, where he was brought up. It was only when fans took to looking through his windows that he decided on something rather more private.

So he bought a far larger £750,000 home a few streets away in Gee Cross, put in a swimming pool & games room & built a high surrounding wall.

Hatton now lets the semi in Hyde & lives in the new house with his girlfriend. He also has a holiday villa in Tenerife. Considering that he is believed to be worth around £25?million, it is hardly an extravagant portfolio.

Hatton, a fierce Manchester City supporter, has always remained true to his roots & it was family holidays in Bodrum that first brought him to the Bodrum peninsula. “I used to come here with my parents & my brother & now that I could be described as retired from the ring, I want to spend time here with my girlfriend & my own little boy, Campbell”, he says. “I just can’t get over how much the place has changed. There are golf courses galore & Bodrum is absolutely beautiful.”

The part of Bodrum where Hatton has chosen to invest is undergoing a £4.1?billion development “Golf is the driving force behind it,” say English estate agents Savills. “You can get phenomenal value for money in terms of property in Turkey & can also let your Turkish property ten months of the year quite easily.”

The Ankara government is behind this golfing boom. Areas have been identified for up to 100 new courses to be built by 2014 & the policy is already paying dividends.

The prices might sound low, but don’t imagine Bodrum is a cheap & cheerful part of Turkey. It is a favourite holiday spot for wealthy types from Istanbul. In Yalikavak, its plushest suburb, the prices of some modern houses start at more than 1.5?million GBP & mansions sell for 6?million GBP & above.

Investing in Turkey appears to have been a shrewd move on Hatton’s part. With its population of 73?million & growing, there is a significant shortage of housing & this should maintain demand & ensure prices continue to appreciate. The Turkish real estate & construction sector grew by 21.9% in the second quarter of 2010. These types of statistics have increased confidence in the Turkish real estate & construction sectors, & English investors are gravitating toward Turkey to take advantage after the financial crisis.

Turkey is also economically sound, having come out of the recession relatively unscathed, largely thanks to not being in the Euro-zone. It is the 15th-largest economy in the world & would be the sixth largest in the European Union if, as expected, it is granted full membership by 2020.

Turkey is the centre of attraction for property investment especially for European investors after the global financial crisis.

Is golf much of an attraction to Ricky Hatton when he visits Bodrum? “To be honest with you, I just hack around the course — I’m not very good,” he says.

“But I find it relaxing. And one thing is for sure — it’s a damn sight less painful than fighting.”

Sources: Milliyet, Haber, Daily Mail.

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